The Basics of British Politics, written by Liz Atkins at the University of Exeter is a great explanation of parliament, and the different types of election that occur within the UK.

TheyWorkForYou  – One of the best ways to see what your MPs are doing in parliament is to see their voting record. Just pop in your postcode, and see what your local representative has voted for or against on the issues that matter to you, and see just how much of an influence government has on your life and the laws you live by.

Verto – a wonderful app/website launched by BiteTheBallot, and allows you to find the political party that fits your views using a ‘swipe’ interface – similar to apps like Tinder. Similar (but slightly less swipe-y) sites includeVoteForPolicies and VoteMatch.

Mencap have done a great job of creating some ‘easy read’ manifestos – so you can find out what each party intends to do, without reading every single word of each lengthy document.

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