About Ravi

Having being exposed to music of the 70s and 80s from a young age, Ravi has always been interested in communicating ideas and emotions through sound.
His diverse taste is reflected in the mixture of sounds he creates. It’s evident from his lyrics that being a fan of great songwriters such as Freddie Mercury and Simon & Garfunkel has ignited a passion for musical story telling.

Along with guitar and bass, Ravi uses his strong, soulful voice as another tool in creating his music. (Fun fact: He also plays the clarinet!)
From melancholy to soulful, heartbreaking to heavy, why not take a listen for yourself?

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Sounds like a mix of…

Simon and Garfunkel, My Chemical Romance, Patrick Stump, Jimmy Eat World, Fall Out Boy, Jack Johnson, David Bowie, Gerard Way, Led Zeppelin, Panic! At The Disco…

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Comments on Ravi’s Music…

Ravi has outgrown both the stereotype and the facelessness of many contemporaries. [He] speaks through imagery and metaphor in emotive tongues, and his amps are turned up loud as bathes his soulful vocals in distortion and passion.TunedLoud
“Great job on the phrasing, and the guitar was perfect!”Brendan B
With an ear for the epic, an eye for the dramatic, and a heart for storytelling, Ravi Amruth is rewriting the rock n’ roll handbookTunedLoud
Bowie-esque… love the passion in [his] vocals!Head of Music, International School in Spain


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