About Ravi

Ravi Amruth is a singer-songwriter from north west London who effortlessly blends a mix of classic rock, indie, pop-punk, and emo stylings into something that it soulful, strong and salty.

Having been writing since his teenage years, Ravi released 3 singles in 2020 to follow up his 2019 debut album, Tracks To Lay Down On. Click here to find the latest single, Mistletoe, on your streaming platform of choice!

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Upcoming shows

03 May 2024 Birmingham, Bimingham ( UK ) — Tilt
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Comments and reviews

“He’s like Freddie Mercury incarnate!”James Bloom (2.05.19)
“Ravi’s emphatic commitment to his vocal drive is amplified in kind by the guitar works. It’s all about attitude, and Ravi’s got something to say.”ComeHereFloyd | https://comeherefloyd.com/at-mission-dolores-ravi-amruth-guns-for-gold-hold-on-till-april-pink-milk/amp/
I really look forward to what Ravi does next. I think he is carving out his own unique style and will find his place in the music industryMusic Injection Australia | https://musicinjection.com.au/2019/02/12/ravi-releases-debut-single-curlywurly/