Ravi has a great vocal sound and has poured his emotions into them. I highly recommended that you take a listen to ‘Bullets’.”
Music Injection (AUS).

The drums and guitar are working together in an awesome and creative way! Loved it! The vocals are the best! Nice project!
Reignland (US)

Ravi Amruth has crafted a strong and distinctive sound for himself – combining a blend of modern indie with classic rock and nostalgic pop punk/emo, notable in both his instrumentation and lyrics.
Live A Little Louder (UK)

Emotions high. Sounding strong. At times feeling like the old feelings of Brit-rock of a prior decade, Ravi’s emphatic commitment to his vocal drive, is amplified in kind by the guitar works. It’s all about attitude, and Ravi’s got something to say
ComeHereFloyd (US)

I really look forward to what Ravi does next. I think he is carving out his own unique style and will find his place in the music industry.”
Music Injection (AUS)

Notable Radioplay, Podcasts & Interviews

WH! Local Music Podcast (May 2019) (UK)

The BIG Sound Machine – Tracks To Lay Down On Special (April 2020) (UK)

DiscovrTV New Music Mondays (May 2020) (UK / RSA)

The Parsons Knows Local Music (May 2019)  (UK)

DiscovrTV New Music Mondays (December 2020) (UK / RSA)

Ashanti Omkar, BBC Asian Network (December 2020) (UK)