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Tracks to Lay Down On is the debut album from London singer-songwriter, Ravi Amruth. With material that spans the past 12 years, it features his signature blend of indie, classic rock, pop-punk, and emo. With a brilliant combination of the truths of life with some amazing twists of fiction, Tracks to Lay Down On has something for everyone.

Available in both STANDARD and DELUXE editions (DELUXE edition contains added extra items including handwritten song lyrics and a custom polaroid – please select ‘deluxe’ and see description below for details)

Fulfilled by Ravi Amruth. Pre-orders to be shipped on or before the 31st of May 2019.

All songs written by Ravi Amruth. Songs 1-11 recorded and produced by Ravi Amruth. Added guitars on song 1 by The Hash. Songs 1-6 & 8-11 Mixed by Josh Abbott at Peace Productions and Luke Bredin at Oakfield Productions. Song 7 mixed by Jadzia Dre at Musik Alchemix Productions. Song 12 recorded and produced by Jadzia Dre at Musik Alchemix Productions. Added guitars on Song 12 by Jadzia Dre. Added bass on Song 4 by Luke Bredin. All Songs mastered by Luke Bredin at Oakfield Productions. Album art devised and produced by Ravi Amruth.
1. CurlyWurly / 2. You Must Be So Tired [From Running Through My Veins] / 3. I Don’t Want To Love You / 4. On The Rocks / 5. How Do I Tell You? / 6. Sorry Song / 7. Go / 8. Mayday [Astro-Nought I] / 9. Dreams [Astro-Nought II] / 10. The Lovesong You Never Got To Hear / 11. Blue / 12. Soto Syndrome

If you have ordered the Deluxe Edition (THANK YOU!), what would you like the message on your polaroid to say? (NOTE: Ravi reserves the right to reject or amend messages at his discretion).

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